About Us

We have been on business since 1995

We love pets, so we have created a shop that lets you get premium-quality products for your little friends

94% of all pet parents share this virtue.

You have a dog at home. You wake him, take him for a walk, come back home, feed him, clean him and then he goes to sleep. The dog wakes up and he is sick.
Every pet parent, new or old, has faced this in a pet lifetime. Lack of knowledge, misinformed choices or plain old ignorance towards pet care is the reason to blame.

So, 94% (not factual) of all pet parents share this common virtue (irony) of being ignorant. And we are here to help.

Pets101; we make lives of pets and pet parents happier. How? We help you learn all that there is to know about pet rearing, and we provide you with all the right tools, products and services.

The pet care industry is trying to solve a problem of lucrative costing when none exists, while we work to inform and educate. We believe in the right product, at the right price, at the right time, thus an informed and happy client and a satisfied us.

Our relationship is dated for life, so you may just as well call us family, coz we are here to stay.

our story

In 2012, no three best friends came together; they did not meet up over a cup of steaming coffee, nor did they all cry out “IDEA” in harmony.

This story is about a dog named Harley. Harley was a happy pup until he grew up to have a physical disorder called Hip Dysplasia. His daddy (the hero of the story), couldn’t see him in pain, and sought for help across the length and breadth of the country. The experience gave daddy a deep insight of how exploiting the industry was, surviving on brash ignorance. Daddy went through a lot, but finally got Harley cured. Harley was well.

The experience taught daddy that to beat the system and to do away with ignorance, he had to be part of the system first, and hence he started a company.

Pets101 is thus the aftermath of the story and is the handiwork of Arunodaya Reddy. The company strives to educate and impart knowledge and also to equip Pet Parents with all the right aids, products and services.

A Day in the life of Rosy, Duke, Charlie, Leila, rocky, Rambo, Harley, Charles, Dixie, Tommy, Julie, Leo,


Woof, woof, woof, woof

Daddy and I wake up at 7 and go out for our morning jog to the beach. Daddy unbuckles the leash and takes me off harness and gets to his PT, while I chase the frisky crabs on the beach. All the running and chasing gets my bowel going. A gentleman as I am, I find a nice reserved spot to get it done while daddy stands guard. Daddy then cleans up after me, with his dudu (poop) bags and wipes his hands clean with his trusted lotion (Sanitizer). After which I am back on the leash and it’s a brisk walk back home

Woof…..Cleaning…no thank you

The moment we reach home, I see mommy at the door waiting with the hose. That’s my cue to run around the house. Daddy manages to catch me (Arf, I let him to), and washes my paws off. Once my paws are dry, daddy cleans them with wipes. Then he gets to my bum and finally a whole body rub down with a clean soft towel, (woof it’s just bliss you know). Then, daddy takes ten, and sits with me. He talks to me about his job, how I should eat well so that I grow up healthy and how I shouldn’t chase around girls all the time and so on, all the while checking my body for ticks. Finally a puff of perfume if I smell bad and we are done.

Grrrrrr…. its mine

Daddy leaves for work. And mommy brings chow for me to eat. I usually like to have wet food. A single whiff gets the saliva running. To look at it beautifully dressed up in my bowl is a sight I tell you. Mommy tells me that my favourite food has fish in it, never heard of it, but tastes damn tasty. But I do have one complaint. Both daddy and mommy keep changing my bowl. Six months and it is changed. Just as when I start liking it, poof it’s gone…..humans! I say.


At about 10, I am off for a nap. I cuddle up in my bed and wait for my kiss. Mooooch, mommy plants one on the forehead and I slump into the smooth fluffy insides of the bed. This new bed, that daddy bought for me is amazing, it doesn’t hold heat, I don’t get pressure sores and I sleep like a pup.

When I am up, daddy is usually back. We do all that we do in the mornings and more. This is on weekdays only, on holidays we go to big parks and visit my granny’s.

Yes throw it up; yes….no throw it right…Yes

The instant I lay my eyes on daddy, it’s a big hug, a nice cuddle and some roughhousing, then it’s playing fetch in the park opposite our neighbours. Daddy is a great sportsmen, He throws em balls right where I can catch em. Then we move onto my favourite part, where daddy hides toys stuffed with my favourite treats all around the park. Its takes me all of 5 min to get all of em, psssssst…. (Daddy isn’t great at hiding things, it takes three, but the last two is just to make him happy).


It’s dinner time, and mommy plates up a rather exquisite juicy meal. It has all my favourites, but i do not know their names. There is some uberlicious meat in there that’s a guarantee. I rejoice all of 12 mouthful’s and do so in my own time. Once done, it is time for the cuddly couch session with mom and dad watching our favourite show.

‘toohoo…. here boy’

The moment daddy gets up, it means its bed time. ‘toohoo’ ‘here boy’, thats my que, i jump off the couch and straight into his arms. He lets me out off the kitchen door and i run up into the backyard to do what i have to do. 3 min and its back in, and straight to my bed. ‘muuaaaaaaahhhhhhhh’, a long one on the face and daddy tucks me in.

After opening our first pet store in 2012 we soon realized that there are not enough good quality products in India. Quality always took a back seat in the fight for higher margins. No brands, No brand Value. We wanted to bring change to the dilapidated situation of this industry.

It all came together with our first trip to the shanghai fair. We were amazed at the sheer size and scale of the fair and the enormous number of options within pet products. For half a day we didn’t know what to do. From there on, it was just no looking back. We now proudly partner with a good number of prestigious pet products brands from across the globe.

We constantly strive to bring every pet owner the best products for their four legged Kids.