At your pets command! Make sure your little buddies are having a vacation of their own while you are at yours. Our home is your pet’s resort. Harley and Me is a unique pet boarding day care in ECR that provides a home environment where your pet can spend his/her own vacation/day. We offer boarding and daycare services for your pet.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, your pet never needs to be alone. We have designed our homes to fit your pets needs. 14,000 square feet out of which 4,500 square feet is air conditioned for your pets luxurious stay and while he/she is at it, your pet can enjoy a full day of play in our 6,000 square feet play area. Being the biggest pet boarding in Chennai city and the only one with a swimming pool, all big, small, shy and enthusiastic dogs are welcome!

Our grooming services are top notch. Performed by trained staff and in a comfortable and calm environment. We take the stress out of bathing for your dog. Our services provide your dog with access to professional and high quality baths, nail trims, teeth brushing and more. We don’t just excel in our boarding services but we also give the best bath in town.

We understand that your pet is a part of your family, and we treat them as such! We believe in making a connection with your pet. We learn what makes your pet happy, and believe in a different style of pet care. We have gone beyond the old and cold boarding principles of “kennels”, such that you enjoy peace of mind while you’re on the go!

Enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is having fun with furry friend. Why us? Here, your pup can romp and play all day long, socialising with other dogs and humans. They are in the safest hands from the moment they bound through the door until you arrive to pick them back up.

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