Grooming Anna Nagar


Grooming studio

Feeling like a diva is the right of every pet. At Pets101 we help create an opportunity for your pets to exercise this right. Our grooming studio is your stop-shop for all their beauty needs.

Pets play area

Bring in your dog for a day out by the pets swimming pool, let him/her take a dip, have a sunbath and indulge in some nice treats at our cafe as well.

Swimming pool services are free for all pets. Book your slot today!

Pets play area

Positioned on a large, spacious setting in Anna Nagar, Pets 101 has created an incredible environment which both your dogs and you will never want to leave!

Whether it be digging through the mud, leaping over into the pool or taking a sun bath, we have created an environment to stimulate all of your dog’s senses.

Schedule a doggy day out soon and visit us!